We're Here!

I have been contemplating blogging for a long time and now it is just time to do it. This will be a blog about our experiences in the bluezoo kitchen. The good, the bad, the ups, and the downs. This will be a great tool to push our creativity and hopefully meet some great people. Here is a little background info for you. I have been here at the zoo since the beginning, 11-19-03, it has been a crazy ride. I started on the saute station after a 2.5 year stint as sous chef of a small, local french restaurant. I worked my way through 3 executive chefs to finally take over the position myself. I have been the exec for 2 years and change now. We have moved into the world of modern cooking but always find ourselves falling back on the classics, of course with our little twist added to them. This blog will be a compilation a sorts with my chef de cuisine, sous chef, and line cooks being able to create and add to our posts. This is my way of challenging them to do more, create, always think about what the are doing, and to share what it is that we do. I will moderate, add my own posts, the posts of the guys and gals in the kitchen, and throw in my comments on their work. We have a talented, diverse group of individuals and hope to show you just that. This will be an interesting topic tomorrow at pre-shift when I tell them what is going on and what is expected of them. Welcome to the zoo!!

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