The busiest day of the year is hear again, armed with a new video camera I will hopefully be able to share some of the happenings if I can figure out how to post it. The final tasting menu will not be printed until sometime tomorrow afternoon but this is what we have so far

Hamachi....truffle aioli, mangalitsa lardo

From the "chef's garden"....seasonal assortment of organic vegetables in various forms

Monchong....glazed turnip, turnip greens, black trumpet

Duck 3 ways....breast, pressed leg and thigh, sous vide foie, cranberry

Wagyu short rib....jalapeño honey glazed sweet potato, baby collards, sweet dumpling squash

Brilliat savarin....Salted acacia brûlée

Dessert trio....Laurent branlard custom dessert

Our guests have the option of a 5 or 7 course tasting, the full a la carte menu will be available as well. This has been a challenging year for us, lots of new faces in the kitchen still learning and training but doing well. 580 on the books, 1 chef, 1 chef de cuisine, 9 line chefs, 1 butcher, and 2 prep chefs so that only leaves 41.4 covers per person we have worry about. Roughly 2000 plates, it's going to be fun.


the bluezoo boat

Bill Rovillo and his family loved the restaurant so much they named their boat after us. This happens to be the bluezoo 2, since they sold the original bluezoo boat and upgraded. I thought it was awesome and had to have them send me a picture of it. Here it is.

Those are some loyal guests.

Thanks Bill and family. Come see us again soon.


Charred Mizuna

It's been a while since my last post but it's been crazy around here. Charlie at hammock Hollows sent us a nice mixed bag of mizuna, spicy and mild. We ended up charring it lightly over the grill. The mizuna mixture seasoned, oiled, and spread over resting racks to get an even char. The we spread it out in the dehydrator and ended up with some great tasting crunchy garnishes.

We used it on our serrano ham wrapped monkfish that was part of our tasting.