We have a vip coming in and started minor prep today. Parsnip "Gnocchi" is in the works. We started with 1,000g of parsnip puree, 200g water, 15g methocel SG A16M. Heat the water to 180F, add the methocel, then add to the puree, re-season, mold and cool. We mold them in a stainless steel tube and cool. When we pick it up the "gnocchi" will be held in a veal monte and served with maitake mushrooms, a drizzle of banyuls gastrique, and some chervil. The veal monte is basically veal stock redux as the base of the buerre monte instead of water. We will hit it with some acid, herb, and toasted long peppercorn. We hope to highlight the sweetness of the parsnip and the earthiness of the mushroom. The sweet and sour banyuls gastrique will be the bridge between the two.

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