I hadn't been off work to see the super bowl in at least 7 years. We had a few people over and smoked the hell out of some awesome pork. I brined the loin and the bellies with molasses, sugar, sea salt, bourbon, soy, a couple halved oranges and water. Our butcher recently shot a couple wild boars on some private land covered with orange groves. The boars were eating all of the fallen oranges and you could really taste the citrus note throughout the meat so I tried to incorporate a little hint of that in the brine.
I used my ghetto grill, as the wife calls it, which is an old barrel that a friend of the family did up with some serious redneck modifications. We use oak since it is easy to find around here. The loin went for 4.5 hours until it reached 144F then we pulled it and let it rest for 30 minutes. I used a digital thermometer with a probe so I don't have to keep opening the hatch to check the temp of the product and also a standard oven thermometer to check the internal temp of the smoker from time to time. I kept the internal temp of the smoker at 180F. The bellies went for 12 hours. I am still trying to figure out how to post multiple pictures so you will probably see the bellies in separate post. All in all is was a great day of cooking, hangin' with friends, drinking it up, and watching the game.

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  1. Chris Amendola2/04/2009 11:44 AM

    That looks good as hell. sounds like a good day. ill check back