Chorizo Rolled Pasta

We've been working on a couple new pasta presentations. This is "round" 1 on our chorizo pasta. We rolled it out, blanched the whole sheet, patted it dry, then spread a layer of smoked paprika chorizo cream over it. Rolled it up, tied like a torchon and chilled it.

Sliced it, ring cut it and then wrapped it in a thin sheet of potato to hold the shape.

Seared it in extra virgin and butter, then served with orange vin, orange segments tossed with whole grain mustard, green olives, evo, and lemon over a little more of the chorizo puree. The potato is nice and crispy and the pasta is heated all the way through.

Some ideas for "round" two might include some shredded duck confit rolled up in the pasta or some methocel veg puree to bind it.

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