Pork Belly

Here is our pork belly right off the smoker. We let it cool, cryovac'd it yesterday and sous vide it overnight for additional 10 hours at 82C. The results are ridiculous. The sous vide process rendered a little more of the fat, kept the meat juicy, and improved the texture of the belly. We seared it in cast iron on medium heat until crispy with a little salt and we ended up with molten, smokey pork nuggets. We will be serving this with some brown eye beans from Michelle at Chef Garden, winter truffles, truffle jus, sous vide baby leek, and baby leek top puree. We make the puree first by giving the tops the shock, blanch, shock treatment. Squeeze the excess liquid from them, puree the tops with a little water. Strain through a chinois, add xanthan, salt, and hit with lemon juice when picking up. Super green and tasty.

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  1. good lord that looks ridiculous!