Valentines Hell

Most of us in this business hate valentines day. It's usually amateur night with a dining room filled with people that don't usually eat at upscale establishments but only once or twice a year so it's always a challenge. It's a lot of special requests and order fires but for the most part it's a night for the kitchen staff to make the servers run. That didn't happen last night, the kitchen got the hit. This is a picture of our orders before we got busy. I wish I could have snapped a shot of the ticket rail then but there were a few more important things going on. The tickets on top are on hold and the bottom is the fire rail. At one point both fire and hold rails were full and I had another stack by my expo mise en place about 15 tables deep on fire. In the middle was a 32 top a la carte. Granted most of the tables were deuces but we had a good hour and forty five minutes in the weeds. In the end we got it done, some tables waited a little longer than others, especially the ones stuck behind the 32 but we got it out. After a service like that we all felt like hell. Not a good way to end a 12 day stretch of mostly doubles. On the upside, we sometimes make friendly wagers in pre-shift with the FOH. The wager:

Servers sell forty valentines specials(10% of what was on the books), and I will cook for all the servers in pre-shift the next day.
If they don't, the servers do a deep clean on the fish room, our refrigerated room where we butcher all our proteins. Usually the butchers job and a lengthy, dirty, cold process.

I will give them one for the effort but they still came up 9 short, sorry servers.
Have fun cleaning the fish room.

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