Killer Tequila

New products are rolling in all the time and this one carries some novelty. After sticking up my sous chef while on expo, which was some much needed kitchen humor after the last couple of days I started thinking about what kind of cocktails we could make with Hijos de Villa tequila. The FOH consults with me on specialty cocktails when we do drink changes at the bar. Most of the time they have an idea and I try to help them achieve their desired effect. Our GM Doug has a good handle on what it is exactly that he wants and I try to add little touches when asked. It's fun to work in a different medium, breaking down all the components of the drinks and reworking them. We take into account how much the bartenders can handle and the "wow" factor(a description I despise but is used frequently around here). I haven't been approached on this one yet but I saw the tequila gun and went off on some stuff we could do. I would start with a "gun powder" rim of powdered black lime,salt and sugar. Use some silver powder and spent shell casings(sterilized of course) to mold some lime flavored gel. I'm sure some agave jalapeno caramel would find its way into the works, maybe some o.j. as well. I believe there is a shotgun version as well.

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