Chef's Pasta

We have a dish on our menu called the chef's pasta. Every couple of days to a week we run a new pasta dish to utilize ingredients in house, items that show up from the farm, or just whatever we want to do. If we are selling it then we will keep it on for a week and get the most out of as we can. We all work for Todd so fresh pasta is a must on the menu. I put this on as a prelude to valentines day. We butter poached some 1.25lb lobsters, then made a giant truffle and potato ravioli, a little garlic spinach, mache, truffle vin, and shaved truffles. Nothing crazy, just a good solid dish that we can rely onto bring in some revenue. For what we had on the books the servers sold the hell out of it. We are looking at 410 resos for valentines, which means the servers better bring their running shoes but I'm sure if they sell it like we did tonight we can prep 30 of this one dish and still 86 it.

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  1. looks good can't wait to try it