Spring Vegetable Tasting

Had the GM of the hotel in tonight with the F&B Director, along with the GM of the Chicago Sheraton Waterfront. Having been to Chicago to eat at Alinea early last year and I wanted to produce something with Alinea esque inspiration. I didn't want to copy anything, I just used the style of the plate up as my inspiration. One of my courses as Alinea was the white bean course, a white bean puree with a dozen different garnishes placed around the white bean puree in the center. I went with the same plate design but without the one element in the middle to pair with each of the other garnishes.
12- peas and carrots...english peas, purple carrot, pea puree, roasted carrot puree
2-micro patty pan squash
4-fiddle head
5-spring onion
6-braised baby fennel
7-waterkist tomato
8-artichoke...acg(it's a todd thing)
11-cuke blossom

Wish I could of snapped a picture but we were getting rocked. I also sent out our John Daly, and a reconstituted tomato basil course that we prepared in the frix air. The texture that the frix air produces is awesome, since I did not add any fat or ultra tex, gelatin, ect, to the tomato water before processing it looked like granita but super fine, smooth and melt in the mouth. We added some basil flowers that got a dip in liquid nitrogen and a touch of basil oil. Also when we blended the tomatoes we added lots of fresh basil, evo, fleur de sel, and then super bagged it before freezing in the canister.
Overall a good night, a good service, and some good dishes that left the kitchen. Not a bad way to end a 14 day stretch. 2 days off in a row hasn't happened in 2 months and I'm ready for some family time.

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  1. enjoy the time off. menu sounds good, nothing beats vegetables done properly.