Arnold Palmer

This is the my version of the Arnold Palmer, or more specifically a John Daly as this is the alcoholic version. I made a fresh lemonade with a touch of fleur de sel and gelled it up with gelatine then put it in the ISI. I made a Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka gel with agar and some good southern sweet tea.

About 30% sweet tea and 70% firefly, .8% agar. We also made a sweet tea isomalt garnish. 200g Isomalt, 2g lipton tea cut out of the tea bag, mix it up, put between two silpats that are between two sheet pans, press the sheets pans, and bake at 365 until melted, remove the top layer of sheet pans and silpat, let dry, break up and hold in dehydrator. We only have to do this for 1200 people so it should be fun. We will have two antigriddles, and are also serving suckling pig with whipped turbodog, and a fuid gel of louisianna hot sauce. We usually pair wines but we are turning to one of our beer reps for a couple kegerators and a selection of Abita beers.

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  1. abita root beer is the shit. i am a root beer fanatic and these guys are definitely at the top of my list.