Dancing Pompano

This is a love hate relationship with this piece of equipment. We have a giant rotisserie on the front line of our show kitchen to cook the fish for our "dancing fish" entree. The fish twirl and rotate around the grill while 3 wok burners below slowly roast them. This is a custom piece, chef has two more in his Boston and Seattle restaurants but they are wood burning and are much more efficient. We are not allowed to have wood burning anything on our property so we had to go with gas.
The problem in the past was we couldn't find or get parts for it, the burners clog up every other day or it would go off track. We have a new company that takes care of it for us and it actually works the way it should. The fish have a smoked paprika rub and are served with fingerling chorizo hash that is pressed cut and seared with a green olive, whole grain mustard and orange supreme salad. They are then filleted tableside by your server. Right now pompano are everywhere but we will run yellowtail snapper, v-liners, dorade, black sea bass, kampachi, or anything we can get in the 1.5-2# range that will fit on the plate.
When the grill is working properly it produce a slight char on the fish while keeping it moist. When we have the grill loaded, the people walking in to the dining room see this and then they want it. We have been consistently selling 20-30 a night.

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