Domestic Mangalitza

The NY Times article on the Hungarian Mangalitza breed of curly haired pig has sparked a craze in the pork lover world. I think if anyone writes anything that says"so and so sous chef of the French Laundry sous vides the belly and serves it with..." then there is going to be a run on it. Basically, its the kobe of the pig world, or kurobuta squared. They are well marbled and prized for their belly. As soon as we saw it I put the word out to our specialty purveyor, he was looking for a couple weeks and nothing. Now sources are turning up. Our guy estimates that there are only about 1000 heads of domestic Mangalitza, but I have found producers all over europe. We were fortunate enough to get a small sample. We received a nice piece of the collar attached to a huge hunk of fat back. I see mangalitza lardo in the future.


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