Ramp Top Gnocchi

We made the gnocchi dough and added a ramp top puree to bring it together. They didn't take on as much of the bright green color as we would of liked but they did have an earthy, garlic\leek flavor in the background. First we wash, oil, season and fork the potatoes. Bake until done,rice the potatoes through a ricer, not a food mill, an old school potato ricer. Then add egg yolk, flour, salt, and the ramp top puree. Mix very lightly, almost like making biscuit dough so they do not become gummy or chewy. Then roll them out into strands about as thick as your pinkie finger. We cut them into a different shape though. As you cut(about 1 cm in length), roll the dough forward and back to make little pyramid shapes. Then we blanch, shock, and toss with evo, season again then store until we pick them up in brown butter. Tonight's "chef pasta" also had creamy nettles, sous vide ramp bottoms, spring onion confit, and some more ramp tops sauteed with everything, then topped it off with butter poached crab tails.


  1. Crab Ramps and gnochi sounds like a well done pasta dish... Nettles give this an interesting twist ... How the ramps CSV turn out ?

    BTW found my next favourite EVO from kalamata called ARISTON ... this was actually the first decent first cold pressed olive oil i had for a while... Trying to source it right now....

  2. The nettles gave the dish that hearty, green flavor and base the dish needed. They still have an element of texture to them that paired well with our light, airy, pillows of gnocchi. It's crazy how the seasons work, how everything pairs, it's the only way to cook.
    send me a link on the evo, I'm always game for a new product. got some other news for you, will send an email when I get back to work. found a back door, black hole, vortex, sketchy, sideways deal to get us to p*r$d^!m, need to talk to the man first. I'll let you know.

  3. Oh yeah, CSV ramp bottoms, 82C for 40 minutes, still hold together nicely, still have great texture, no bitterness. I love them charred on the grill and tossed in a lite vinaigrette, one of my favorites.

  4. The olive oil i got is from aristonolivoil,com and i liked it a lot compared to table EVOO i thought it was original and true to its origin ...
    Let me know about prdg i will need to set it up....