The pot has been stirred

Chris Cosentino of offalgood.com has posted some interesting PETA related news. After being threatened by a PETA related group for continued service of foie gras at Incanto and Mark Pastore's virtual masterpiece on the foie industry in response to these threats, he has posted a link to a website whose sole responsibility is to expose PETA for who they really are. I'm sure most people join and donate money to PETA because they love animals and truly feel like their money is going to help animals in need. The radical extremists that run this organization have found a few new ways to spend the money instead of using it to save abused or mistreated animals. Hey, you can do whatever you want to do, that is your right but if I were a member of PETA I would read this and see what my donations are contributing to. Join the other 166,000 people that have already done it and sign the petition to have PETA's tax exemption status removed. Either way I could care less about them, but when restaurant chefs and owners are threatened, the way we live is effected, our safety is compromised, and our businesses are effected then I assure you that we won't just sit back and take it.

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