Coming to America

Our pastry chef Laurent has all kinds of connections in France. The french food scientist that was working with Laurent on his alcohol spray and infused sugars is producing caviar. All I can get out of Laurent is that the frenchy scientist is also named Laurent, other than that I know he is building a plant here to produce said caviar. It has a four month shelf life and he will have around 30 flavors available. He gave me a couple samples, one was red wine vinegar and shallot. Basically a mignonette caviar designed for oysters. I also had the casis, mint, and caramel. The caviar DOES pop like freshly made alginate caviar but he is making it with something else, possibly gellan. They are perfect spheres and very flavorful, not like the flavor robbing alginate caviar pretty much everyone has seen or made. Here is some sample packaging

They are available in France right now but they are expensive, around 15 euros for 250g. When they come out here I foresee every oyster bar using the Les Perles de O'Cean, as they should. They are delicious.


  1. nice. yeah i agree the alginate version are flavor robbing. definitley perfect for oysters, cant wait to see when they do bayou caviar, although i am sure chadzilla has already thought of something like that.

  2. hmmmm, interesting. Although I've tasted bayou water, and fully believe it's the secret ingredient that makes Louisiana catfish taste so superior, I don't know if that's a desirable dish element.
    This is funny also, because 'Coming to America' was on tv last night.

  3. a great movie all around