We took a couple days for family vacation in NYC to get away. Usually my visits consist of food, drink, and more food, then more drink. This time I had the family in tow so we hit the sites and I managed to still incorporate food. So here you go For some reason the first few picture descriptions are off, just scroll down, I'm sure you can figure it out.

Empire state building right off the bat.

Caeden is checking out the view.

Caeden's first MLB game and my first in a while MLB game. Mets vs. Cardinals, 3rd game of series after a tough 13th inning loss the night before. Mets 4, Cardinals 0, good game.

He might be a mets fan

Shake Shack @ citi field, only a 3 inning wait.

Union Square Farmers Market, patty pan squash the size of your head and just about everything else. Wednesdays and Saturdays, check it out.

rick's picks hooked me up with some smokra.

Caden's version of the Statue of Liberty, buy your tickets on line, if you want to go to the crown or monument plant at least 3 months in advance. Get to battery park by 8:30am, otherwise I hope you like 2 hour lines.

Central Park zoo, buy tickets ahead on line as well. Lines suck!

Some seals up close

Snow leopard

I work for Todd English and we did the official NYC Todd Tour. Olives for dinner the first night(Wed). Friends and family at Ca Va Friday night, then Food Hall at the Plazs Saturday for lunch. All were really good. I love the creativity and seasonality at Olives, Ca Va is delicious frenchy french all the way with the return of Victor LaPlaca to the TE crew, Food Hall is a monster to be reckoned with. Take the Todd tour, hit all three eateries in NYC, it's worth it.

Shake Shack is in the Intercontinental with Ca Va, get a perfect slice of foie torchon at the bar in Ca Va while your friend waits in line at Shack shack then join him for burger madness.

Food Hall burger is awesome.

Mike, just letting you know i'M STEALING this flatbread for the zoo, it was ridiculous! BLT flatbread, charred romaine, cabot cheddar, lardons, heirloom tomato, garlic aioli.

Some cool places we just happened to walk by. Aquavit.

a voce in Time warner

Some awesome China.

Columbus Circle, from here you can throw a rock in pretty much any direction and hit something with a michelin star, or two, or three.

The best meal I've had in NYC period!

Heads up, Kitchen Arts and Letters is closed on saturdays during July and August. Sucked, didn't get a chance to go in but I'll be back during Star Chefs ICC in september.

The entrance to all that is holy, JB Prince.

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