Kappa Carrageenan

We have been playing with some kappa over the last week. It started with Cody glazing mini cuke blossoms with saltwater to season them and give them a nice shine. I started thinking about what else we could do and threw out the idea of an oyster coated with mignonette. So here it is

2 versions, one traditional and one finished with miso both, evo,samphire, and sea cress.

We seasoned FORVM 8yr Cabernet Vinegar mignonette style then did a .75% ratio of the kappa. Bring the FORVM to a simmer, whisk in kappa then hold at a low simmer, preferably in a water bath or more easily on our cook tek induction. We dip the shucked oyster and the gel sets up immediately upon removing it. We had to play with the temperature a bit, too hot and it won't glaze, too cold and it will start to set up in the pan. We served this as amuse and got some good feedback.

Now we are looking at glazing more vegetables and this week we will be playing with the idea of glazing whole pieces of cooked fish just before it goes on the plate. I will most likely start with spice infused liquids or maybe ocean water if we can get our hands on some of the really good stuff that is coming out of Fiji and Hawaii, Mike Mina uses it at American fish and the flavor is amazing. That's a whole other post by itself but hopefully we can get the appearence of a shining jewel on the plate.


  1. Chris,

    some thoughts for food.

    Kappa by itself is not overly flexible but does coat nicely. If you use a bit of lbg as well, really .625% kappa and .375% lbg at a total ratio of .8% hydrocolloid you will have great results. also if you hydrate the hydrocolloids in a more neutral base say water first then fold in the forvm its durability will increase.

  2. Thanks for the tip Alex, I will give it a shot.