the bluezoo team

It's great to see my guys really pushing everyday. Wanting to share what they do and create plays a factor in their food. We have a tasting menu that is open to our cooks interpretation. I step in and tell them what they have to work with and provide some on hand flavor profiles and direction if needed but these guys and gals are the ones that are making it happen. Many of my posts are about what they are doing everyday on top of their already hectic workload.
I am thouroughly impressed by their passion amd commitment everyday. They are what makes bluezoo a great restaurant to be a part of and they should be recognized. This is our team, and over the next couple of weeks you will be able to become familiar with them and the food they put out every night.

chef de cuisine
aaron christian

sous chefs
daniel de la rosa
erich seig

line chefs
Guadalupe Rangel
Andre Robberts
Brittany Hatch
Ashley Monteiro
Nathan Howey
Diana Saulibio
Brian Baxter
Jason Rodriguez
Chris Spaulding
Keola Dietz

Stay tuned.........

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