We had some really nice fava beans from Chef's Garden delivered to us and based our one of our tasting items on it. The executive chef of the hotel, Robert Ciborowski, recently returned from the Chef Garden Food and Wine event and he was blown away by the farm tour and claims that the tour made the whole trip for him. The attention to detail and the passion that everyone who works their has for the product is second to none. With that in mind we shuck and tediously peel the favas while they are raw and remove the germ. Our agnolotti filling was a straight up simply seasoned fava puree. We reserved some of the puree and heat it to order to retain the color. The agnolotti are arranged on top of the puree and garnished with more chef garden goodies. Bacon braised mixed mustard greens, micro parsley and baby squash with blossom play a part.

Our finishing touch of Manni "Per Me" olive oil sealed the deal. If you are not familiar with Armando Manni's olive oil grown from a rare variety of olive that grows only in the Tuscany Region in Italy on the edge of the highest known altitude an olive tree can survive then follow the link and read up.

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