Chicken and Lobster terrine

Chef Rob designed a terrine mold with our plexi glass guy from Ice Magic for a dinner we will be working on in bluezoo in September. He wanted something like the terrine molds he was familiar working with during his stint in France. Traditionallly it would be a wooden box with a sliding top and removable sides to unmold the terrine. we went a step further and created this.

Here is a shot of the whole deal from the side.

Of course the commissioned piece was personalized for chef. We will have 12 more in the works as we will need 125 portions for the dinner we are preparing for. This was a test run for us and it worked great.

The first step is to line the mold with plastic, then layer your terrine, press until set, and remove the top of the mold.

Each wall of the terrine is equiped with a hinge to easily remove the finished product.

Our terrine has finished pressing and the top of the mold is removed.

Here is our buttermilk brined, sous vide poussin, slow poached maine lobster, savoy cabbage, and truffle cream terrine.

You don't see these around much any more but our last executive chef of the hotel was austrian so having one of these electric knives on hand was neccesity. It's the first time I've ever seen one or even seen one used and it actually worked pretty well. It's novelty with an actual purpose. We all laughed at it but ole' bessie did it's job.

Chef Dan Herman did the honors. I think he might be the only one in the hotel who has used one of these before but that is still yet to be confirmed.

Nice slices of layered poussin, barely poached sweet maine lobster, tender savoy cabbage, and the richness of the truffle cream. It's hard to go wrong with that combination.

This is the finished dish. Warm porcini cream, grape fluid gel, pickled fennel, micro chickweed, parisienne buternut squash, armando manni per me olive oil.


  1. Any chance this will be on the menu in September/October? I'll be visiting for the first time and would love to explore brand new menu items! So glad I found your blog, Chef!

  2. that's beautiful and this terrine is ...smart !Pierre de Paris

  3. Track down the guy who does the plexiglass work for Ice Magic in Orlando, he will custom build whatever you want .