Leaving tomorrow for the NECI and PCI job fairs. I haven't been to either before so it will at least be a change of scenery. I don't like standing in one spot for 5 hours handing out pieces of paper so I called the schools and asked if I could cook instead. So I'll be doing some passed apps for the NECI students at the table on Monday and have 3 demos back to back at PCI the next day.
Its more work for me but at least I'll have something more to say than "Are you interested in an externship with us?" 100 times in a row. I'll leave that to the human resources people that will be there with me.
There won't be much time to do anything, I have about 3 hours of free time after each job fair before it's back to the airport but it just so happens that the Magic Hat Brewery is only 10 minutes from the Burlington Airport so a quick tasting and tour couldn't be a bad thing. Hopefully after the PCI demos we'll have time to hit Primanti Bros for some ridiculous sandwich that's usually best enjoyed at midnight after some libations but 2pm will have to do.
It's going to be a crazy, quick trip. 6 planes in 3 days, who booked these flights anyway, I don't think HR has ever heard of nonstop. On top of that going from 80 degrees today to 8 degrees tomorrow is not top on my to do list but I get a free trip out of it so I shouldn't complain. I'll try to snap some pictures and let you future culinary students know what I think of the schools.

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