Next 2010 Trend, finger limes

Bryce from Sid Wainer stopped by about two weeks ago with some finger limes for us to check out. I have seen them popping up on menus all over and some big chefs adding them to their daily mise en place. I first saw Curtis Duffy of Avenues using them and Sean had them on a recent post for his geoduck dish from NYE. They have been around for a while but I think we will see more chefs picking them up in 2010. They range in color from light green to almost black-brown and the spherical cells from a light green to pink. Not cheap at around $37 for a half pint but a cool product.

One of the main draws are the spherical cells, basically instant lime caviar. They have a good pop and acidity. So put the lime juice, the alginate, xanthan gum, and the calcium away and go natural with Australian finger limes.

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