Nantuckets and Fluke

We received some really great fluke from George at Gary's Seafood, Gary's is the best all around in CFL but what's up with the video when you check their website? Looks like everyone in O-Town likes the balsamic redux 1970's squiggle on the plate. If the video doesn't come up you may have to scroll to the bottom of the homepage and hit replay intro video, but it's worth watching. Not so much for the dishes presented but the facility itself. They actually care about their product and communicate with us everyday all the fish available. Our order is all over the place everyday, it's hard to decide what you want. Almost like standing in the beer isle of a grocery store on the west coast.
Back to the fluke, I sliced it and tossed it with acacia honey, meyer lemon juice, meyer lemon oil, fleur de sel and finger lime cells. The unexpected pop and acidity of the finger lime cells really set the dish off. We rolled the slices up, added some blood orange segments, then garnished with luna lentil from chef's garden, Florida orange air and fluid gel. Nothing more to say than clean and delicious.

We also pumped out some Nantucket bay scallops, "snowball cheddar cauliflower" puree, some of the "purp"(that's kitchen talk for purple cauliflower), sous vide beet, borage, and carrot noodle with a little harissa spice thrown in to cut through all the sweetness of the scallop and beet in the dish.

Former cook George Aviles made an appearance in the dining room with family, good to see him and glad they all enjoyed the meal.

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