It's over, now do it all over again

Service was awesome last night. I can say that it was the best NYE service we have ever had and the best I have ever seen out of all the kitchens I've worked in. We prepped like mad for days and it paid off. We were crushing it, knocking down full rails of tickets in no time, turning the room, no issues on tables, servers actually running food, and clean plates coming back. Even stewards were on the ball, polishing copper pots nonstop, running plates, pots, pans, silver and never getting behind. With the last table hitting the window at the stroke of midnight we were done. The last report I saw was 578 covers and raking in $42,000. I wish I had stopped and snapped a couple pictures but all I had time for was a quick shot of John Dory to tweet so look for it on twitter to catch a glimpse if you like.

All in all it was a good way to end the year, now time to focus on this yearand what we are going to do better.

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