Eat Local Week for Orlando

Our friends over at Slow Food Orlando have organized an eat local week January 25th to the 31st. Bluezoo will be participating in the event and we are offering a $39 prixe fixe menu


Cape Canaveral White Shrimp…
3 way hammock hollows cauliflower, pickled flambeau radish, meyer lemon vinaigrette
Hammock hollows herb co. cauliflower, radish, and meyer lemon,
Gary's seafood fresh florida shrimp


Rabbit confit…
maitake mushroom, truffle beurre noisette
Seely Farm, Dunnellon, Fl


Rosas Farms Grass Fed ribeye…
hammock hollows glazed turnips, baby sweet potatoes
Rosas farms beef, hammock hollows turnips

Florida black boar…
smoked shoulder, beer braised belly, celery root
Rosas farms boar, Orlando brewery beer

florida citrus pavlova…orange ice cream, citrus filled meringue, grapefruit gel, orange caramel
hammock hollows sunburst tangerines, Chinese honey oranges

We regularly load up on our hammock hollows veg from Charlie, I would've liked to incorporate more of his awesome lettuce varieties but most were recently lost to the freeze here in CFL. It's hard write a menu when you don't know what your going to get from the farm, it just shows up and we take it. We get about 30 or 40 cases of mixed veg every wednesday, it's like christmas around here when we get the delivery.
So even though we don't write menus with 15 word descriptions on them you will have much more on the plate than what is listed above.

Part of Charlies delivery was 2 cases of Gallberry Thomas Honey from some of his friends in Lake City. This stuff is good!

Al Rosas will be providing us with some tasty florida black boar, some of which he raises and some of which he has captured. Other farmers in the area call Al when then have a boar problem and he comes in and traps them adds them to his lot. He will also be hooking us up with some grass fed ribeyes.

Heath Putnam from Wooly Pigs pointed me in the direction of Torm at Pasture Prime Wagyu who is raising grass fed wagyu along with mangalitsa. He's only about an hour down the road but he won't have any product avilable until spring. I can't wait.

There are a lot of local producers out there and I'm sure we will be adding more farms to the list. It's a good thing to be a part of and hopefully we will have enough veg and variety from our own farm next year to sustain ourselves through eat local week.

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