Chef Gala

Chef gala was last night. We've never tried to mass produce anything with the antigriddles so we did a few practice runs once we got everything set up.

It actually worked out pretty well, if we only had one antigriddle it would have been a little tight but I could load one and Diana could continue when I would run out and have to start building again.

Here is the bz team.

Michael Gleason came out of retirement to help plate the pig for the event. HCD!!

The suckling pig with Louisiana hot sauce fluid gel, coleslaw. We brined then braised our pigs in the smoked pork stock, picked, reduced the braising liquid and buttered it out. Then we added our house bbq rub, chives, and juice from our pickled okra. It came out nice and smelled awesome when we were searing.

Didn't hurt to have a nice frosty keg of abita turbodog 5 feet away.

We threw in the Wild Turkey American Honey just as an extra but we had people coming up and asking for 6 at a time.

A good event and raised a lot of money for a good charity, only part that suck was that I didn't see one second of the magic\cavs game. I had my head down pretty much the whole time just cranking it out.

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