Wild mushroom tortellini

Tonight's pasta,
some people wouldn't consider this a pasta course but we use the term in reference to a composed dish where every element should be consumed with the pasta to improve the overall dish.

Pretty nasty weather today so we went a little earthy tonight. I should probably plan a little bit better instead of deciding to change the pasta last minute before service with 250 on the books, a private party, and a 3 hour reception with tons of passed apps that also had to be ready to go. Put my chef de cuisine and I in the weeds a little but if it's going to make for better food then a little pressure won't hurt. We all need that sometimes. I should be used to it by now working for Todd, he is the king of improvising on the spot, last minute menu changes, changes during service, but it keeps you on your toes, pushes you to make better food, and execute under pressure.

Alaskan King salmon, mushroom tortellini, braised beet greens, confit spring onion, roasted garlic puree, morels, shaved romano beans salad, and then the server finishes tableside with smoked bacon broth around the dish.


  1. AH got to have bacon.... 250 on the books ,crazy nights improvisation the beauty of the job... I dont like last minute changes but sometimes they are necessary or might yield better results ...Its a state of mind ,if you say and believe it cannot be done then you will probably not gonna make it.. Sometimes just doing is much better than believing that it cant be done...
    So EPCOT this year is going to be intresting... You owe some antigridle time...

  2. last minute!! your telling me... haha.

  3. thats pretty intense! when ur in it u think its impossible but it pretty much always gets done, kind of weird how it works out that way.