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Fia Perera, comedian, writer, and spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States contacted me today. She is one of the leaders in bringing chefs together to sign pledges to rid restaurants of Canadian seafood until their government does something about their annual spring seal hunt. There is a very small percentage of Canadian fishing boats from seal hunting provinces such as New Foundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Quebec that take advantage of this practice to turn a profit. The HSUS is NOT targeting Inuit people that have seal hunting privileges and end up actually using the meat and fur for survival.
I am not a peta person by any stretch, I believe that people who raise animals humanely, have respect for the land and what it gives us are artisans. They care about the process, the stress that is put on the animal, and their diet but in the end they are doing it for a reason.
This is senseless killing but I do have issues with ridding the restaurant of all Canadian seafood. I understand that their government won't do anything about it, but guess what, welcome to the world. As much as I would like to believe that all canadians have bad jokes and talk funny(actually I really want to go to Canada and check out a couple places likethis one The Black Hoof), I don't want to hurt the guy who's out their getting my rod and reel ivory king salmon or beautiful oysters because some fishing boats take advantage of helpless animals. Why do the guys that make a well deserved living off the land and water and do it with respect have to suffer? I definitely don't agree with banning all Canadian seafood, but I'm on board with eliminating product that comes from companies that participate in the seal hunt.
Fia seemed well versed in all the purveyors and says she has knowledge of there actions and can let us know who to stay away from. Their is a lot of information out there on the subject but here are a couple things I was sent that are pretty convincing in themselves.


others who have joined the cause

We will be signing the petition to oppose all seafood coming from seal hunting provinces but not banning all Canadian seafood. Hopefully their government gets this under control but as long as there is a market in Europe it seems like this will be an issue. I'll bet if they ban it they would probably make similar revenue from seized boats and fines for poaching.

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