Smoked Stock

The chef gala is quickly approaching. We are donating our time and services to the United Way for the evening. 1000 people will be sampling food and drink from all over central Florida. Our theme this year is southern, redneck, cracker, however you want to put it. We will be serving suckling pig, Louisiana hot sauce fluid gel, and white trash coleslaw(french's mustard, white vinegar, sugar, mayo). Also our antigriddle arnold palmer, abita turbodog on tap, wild turkey american honey straight up(should appeal to those who can't handle the real stuff).

The base of our suckling pick is a smoked pork stock. We are using the cook shack smoker to lightly smoke our pig carcasses.

It is an electric smoker, all digital, set the temp, the time, fill up the box with hickory pellets and it will automatically feed them in and keep a constant smoke. Not my idea of a real smoker but since we are not allowed to use real wood according to the fire code so this is what we have to settle for. It works perfectly for this application. It doesn't put out a ton of smoke, just a hint even if you cook over night so our stock won't be bitter but have a nice smokey background to it.

The bones smoked for 3.5 hours, just enough so it doesn't over power. All we are looking for is a layer of flavor to add some depth. The rest of pigs we broke down are getting a nice Orange molasses brine and will be braised in the stock, shredded, stock reduced and buttered then folded back in and pressed so we can get a nice uniform portion. After 5 hours of breaking down pigs I could stand to not look at another one for a while.

Cook shack makes a good smoker but it doesn't beat the beast in my backyard. Have to rag on the cook shack a little, we just opened a pool side smoke shack for the summer on property and there seem to be some regional differences between the chefs here.
If yo want to see a real smoker click here

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