al plin....

The famous pinched pasta of Piedmont, made famous in America by TK with the release of TFL cookbook.

Our pasta dough is
28 egg yolks
3 whole eggs
1 kilo ap flour
1 tbsp whole milk
1 tbsp extra virgin
1 teas salt

This recipe yields a soft pasta dough that is easily manipulated after being rolled out as thin as possible. With agnolotti the key I learned from former bluezoo exec chef Ed Bilicki, is rolling out your dough twice on the last setting of the pasta machine. This will ensure that the dough doesn't puff up and seem thicker when cooked. Todd is all about thin luscious pasta. When Clay was the corporate chef for Todd I learned that "Pasta is like a woman, It can't be too thin or too rich". Somehow chefs always find a way to relate everything back to..., I won't finish this sentence but if you are a chef you should be able to figure it out.

Our filling was salt roasted celery root puree bound with potato, then a little butter and cream to smooth it out. It was a bout 3 to 1 celery root that we roasted in salt, push through a tamis along with the potatoes, added cream and butter and push through a chinois then cool. We served these tonight with braised baby fennel, tiger eye squash from Hammock Hollow Herb Company, and seared scallops.


  1. damn that sounds good!

  2. Hey, I remember rolling about a million of those when I was there!!!

  3. Yeah man, I remember working the pasta machine so hard that the motor overheated and the rollers started to get hot. It was actually cooking the pasta as we were rolling it through. I got a new machine so whenever you want to come down and roll out another 1000 agnolotti let me know.

  4. Ha! I forgot about that! I'll be sure to put that at the top of my list of things to do!! They were good, though.

  5. The famous pasta recipe.... Yeah those guys can roll pasta thats for sure.....So when are we rolling again mr Windus...?

  6. Gotta step it up for next food and wine so I'm sure we will pull another 8 hour pasta session. We might do the dinner buyout\reception style will all of us cooking in the dining room at different stations, we could rolls the pasta in front of the guests.