I had the pleasure of collaborating on a paradigm dinner with Kurtis, Chad, and Fabian from the Trump International Hotel. It is always a great experience to get out of your own kitchen and work with other talented chefs. We talked about the menu over email and texts a couple days before my arrival. It was a pretty open forum, all of us throwing out ideas so we would have some what of a game plan and some product to work with.
I took a couple courses, so did Kurtis and Chad. Fabian took care of the desserts and we came together on the "refresh" course. Then we all jumped in on prep to help one another. Here is Chad plating his hogs head course with steamed brioche, rhubarb siracha, and pickled peach. A nice riff on bahn mi with a Momofuku-esque steam bun using the brioche dough.

Here is one dish Kurtis and I worked on. We wanted to break down a peruvian ceviche. Coconut pearls, sweet potato polenta, aji amarillo vin, micro cilantro, yellowtail. We had some trisol fortified pisco battered onion rings that ended up being a nice snack for the kitchen.

We did a cured foie, white chocolate powder, dried sherry vinegar, banana agar\gelatin strips, cherry relish, and some cherry orbs that Kurtis put together. He gave them a dip in the alginate bath and then marinated them overnight in a sweet cherry balsamic vinegar. They were awesome.

Of course we have to finish off the evening with a glass of Estrella Inedit.

Here is the menu.

June 19th, 2009

paradigm - "a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and generalizations and theexperiments performed in support of them are formulated
- The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

the test kitchen – we feel fortunate to be chefs during this “paradigm shift” of the culinary world. Our opened minds, humbled egos and critical palates set the framework for what is possible in this new era of unlimited culinary boundaries.
-chefs of the test kitchen-

Special Guest Chef ~ Christopher Windus ~ bluezoo

razor clam, 83ÂșC potato, smoked tomato gel
bacon foam, mirepoix

‘food party’ – episode 1
shropshire blue-cheesecake, fried chicken lollipop,
hot sauce froth, carrots, celery

corn & squash
liquid corn ravioli, laughing bird shrimp sheet
spaghetti squash, banana pepper

hogs ‘headless’ cheese
steamed brioche, rhubarb sriracha, pickled green peach
garlic scape mayo

blood orange, piquillo caraway sorbet, kumquat marmalade

cuban sandwich
pickle brined berkshire belly, wild turkey honey mustard
guanciale powder, ‘swiss miss’ sponge, pickle froth

yellowtail, sweet potato polenta, coconut pearls
aji amarillo vinaigretta, onion rings

corned skirt
swiss orbs, pumpernickle streusel, ketchup caraway vinaigrette
beer can cabbage, kennebec chips

cherry drops, cherry relish, banana
white chocolate, dried sherry vinegar, basil, pistachio brittle

toffee foam, lime air, pineapple glass, raspberry textures
red pepper streusel

caramelized brioche
coconut, queso fresco~balsamico sorbet
vanilla evoo rocks, chocolate soil

Just an ok view from the room. Not a bad place to be.

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  1. Lucky SOB.... I was pulling my hair out at work......And you know very well i do not have that many left.... Anyway sorry i didn't make it.... I am sure we can arrange something in the future.....