You asked for it

Davidssun of the Metropolitan Club wants to know what we are doing with the Nemox Frix Air that we have acquired. It spent the first couple of weeks in the exec chef of the hotel's office but I convinced him to turn it over. We have put it to use on our raw bar and it works great for "frix-ing" small portions of bloody mary cocktail sauce. The bloody mary "sorbet" keeps the oyster nice and chilled as well as adding a smooth sauce component to compliment the oysters silky texture. You really have to play around with this thing. I thought it was going to be fairly simple but somethings definitely work better than others. Here is the bloody sorbet.

Some melon and tomato "frix-ing" salads in the future.

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  1. Thanks! Looks like a fun toy. Would love to play with it next time I'm down.