The Meat Locker

Baxter's collection is growing. Right now we are at about 28% moisture loss on the air dried guanciale. Still another couple months from breaking into the suckling ham. We found a broken down cooler in the back hallway of the hotel and it has become our charcuterie chamber. It is holding at 60F with the humidity at 65-70%. We have a little fan in the cooler to keep the air flow and small hygrometer to measure humidity.

In order to expand we need to find another broken, much bigger cooler that we can take over. These test runs and the environment of the curing chamber seem to be working pretty good. We have some casings and bactoferm ordered. With cure 1, cure 2, and dextrose on hand we will be able to start producing some nice cured meats and salumi. We have to get working on them now so we will be ready to go for the fall\winter menu and have enough stock in rotation to supply our needs. It will be an interesting process.

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