The Kitchen

Everything starts here in our refrigerated "fish room". All the fish is broken down and prepped for service here. Today is Saturday so we will process around 1200 pieces of protien for service tonight from 4 different kinds of fish we rotate every night to the staples like swordfish, scallops, shrimp, grouper, lamb, shortribs, and wagyu caps to name a few.

We have a front show kitchen where we produce all our raw bars items, flatbreads, garde manger and hot apps.

The expo station in the front is all about communication. The front line cooks work off calls from the expo with the exception of raw that does recieve its own tickets to keep all their oyster orders in line. Six kinds of oysters a night can get confusing when everyone is mixing and matching. You are constantly talking to the cooks, this is what you need, 4 minutes on that, where the fuck are my sweetbreads, how long do you need, go on everything!!!!!!

Then behind the front expo is the door to the back kitchen where things get crazy. This is where we put out parties, entrees, and pastries.

Here is what the line looks like when we are all arriving and setting up.

Here is the line set for service from the expo side.

The pass. The expo window here is no easy task. I usually take the back window and a sous chef take s the front. We are essentially managing two kitchens at once and coordinating between them if there are apps as entree or order fires so all the food comes up together. Not to mention all the garnishes that get done last second on the back expo, you are working just as hard as the cooks on the other side to get runners, to pull all the food, garnish and wipe every plate, make sure everyone knows what we are coming up on, constant cleaning, and talking the cooks up when we need to push into that next gear. It is a challenge and every night brings something new.

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