Here are the three new desserts Laurent just put on the menu. We do have some staples that do not change due to customer demand so these aren't our only desserts, just the ones we have altered for this menu change.

Pavlova...Vanilla orange ice cream and raspberry filled french meringue, raspberry zinger tea gel, raspberry sauce, fresh raspberry, and orange
A classic dessert named after the russian dancer Anna Pavlova, see Laurent's version. It is light and perfect for this time of year.

Chocolate melange...five ways of chocolate
malted milk chocolate creme brulee...table side flambe
hot coriander chocolate truffle
cinnamon chocolate sorbet
crispy chocolate and absinthe cream
concha 72% chocolate mousse dome and hazelnut crunch

Cool stuff going on with this one. Laurent being who he is gets a lot of samples from different companies wanting him as their spokesperson. In this case he is working with a french food scientist who developed a 98% flavored alcohol. It will flame instantly, no need to warm it up at all. This is being used on the table side malt chocolate creme brulee. First we apply a layer of caramel infused sugar(also not on the market yet) and used a small spray bottle to apply the cocoa flavored alcohol. 4 sprays on top of the sugar, then light it and it will burn and caramelize the sugar on its own. The coriander truffle has a liquid center and screams coriander and bitter chocolate. The absinthe cream is awesome, it's layered between the crispy pieces of chocolate that end up looking like a Chinese temple. The Cinnamon and chocolate sorbet looks like it would be heavy but its super light and refreshing. The concha chocolate mousse dome with hazelnut crunch is awesome. It has little dots of chocolate meringue stuck to it. The chocolate meringue by itself tastes like coco puffs. I can for see some whipped milk and chocolate meringue pre desserts in the near future.

Passion...caramel passion fruit panna cotta, passion fruit granita, coconut streusel, orange almond cigarette, caramel sauce and pearls

This one has everything, warm, cold, salty, sweet, textures all over the place. Awesome.

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