Final WD-50

The last installment of WD-50 pictures.

Sweetbreads...pickled sweet potatoes, beet-pomegranate gel, mint puree

foie gras...financier, Chinese celery

Deconstructed corned duck...rye crisp, purple must
I like this version better than the original which is still on the menu. A guest requested a deconstructed version and this is what they got.

Another duck dish
Duck breast...Worcestershire spaetzle, parsley root, mustard greens

bass...artichokes, bamboo rice, chicory

Hopefully I will get the chance to go back during the chef's congress and see the progression of the menu. Thanks to Jason for giving us all a look into what's going on in the kitchen of WD-50.


  1. I gotta say, I really dig the foie prep/plating (not necessarily the flavor combination). The technique is easy enough, but it just looks a little more striking than a slice of terrine (but who doesn't love terrines?)

  2. nice blog..i spent 3 months at WD50...its funny to hear about other stages..cuz I did the same stuff...keep up the good work.