Bluezoo, the tour

Here is a look into the place where I spend more time than I do at home. There have been some changes since these picture were taken. Now when you enter the restaurant there is a mirrored water wall with 2 way glass that has a flat screen set behind the water that shows a promo dvd with Todd, servers, and us in the kitchen.

You walk through the bar to get to the dining room. As you walk past the bar you pass our open front line. From here we do all the hot apps, flatbreads, raw bar, and garde manger items. The back line takes care of all the entrees, sides, desserts, parties, and daytime prep. Kitchen pictures to come.

The lounge, or upper deck as we call it, has also been re-done. We removed the 2 top booths and replaced them with tables. We also sell this area out for passed app receptions for up to 100pp and semi-private dining for up to 55pp.

Our private dining room can hold up to 55 as well and sections off into 3 rooms with a wine wall that changes shades of blue as the partition between the dining room and the pdr. One of our main sources for revenue when we have groups in house.

We can seat around 250 with a full pdr and upper deck. We are working on our new menu and we have to take into account the volume and madness that can result when we go from completely empty to packed in 30 minutes. Some items need to be tailored for efficiency and speed. We will take risks on some plate ups, making them more complex and time consuming. We have such a variety of guests from family to convention goers so we have to have a little of everything. A menu change here is no easy task. I know what I want to cook and what I will eat but that may not necessarily sell. It's all about balance. We do plays on familiar flavor combinations and throw in some new techniques, forms and textures where and whenever possible.