Turkey plate

Finally got this post up, here was our holiday turkey dish.
Willie Bird brined, sous vide, seared breast. Pumpernickel and brioche stuffing, haricot vert "cassarole", cranberry fluid gel, braised and pressed dark meat, and turkey jus.

Overall a good night, 425 covers, 108 turkey sold out of 139 prepped, sold out of pumpkin soup, 57 dessert trios of pumpkin creme brulee, apple pie, and cinnamon crunch ice cream sold as well. We are happy to serve our guests on the holidays and we try to give all of them on vacation a little taste of home.

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  1. Thanks its great to see you did something different with the turkey theme while staying on the turkey theme.... The Blis foam is a great aspect addition to pumpkin soup and just about anything else you can fit it in....Like the turkey jus a lot man i can hardly believe you did not caramelize nada...