Foie Pain Perdu

Chad and I were having a email discussion hitting on several topics,one being simplicity. There is no where to hide with simplicity, everything component must be on point. On that note, here is our foie pain perdu, the malaga soaked brioche is pan fried lightly, the center removed and replaced with a slice of foie torchon. Our "breakfast for dinner" dish. Then we fill it with some warm blis bourbon barrel matured maple syrup and finished with sel gris.

Simple, salty, sweet = ridiculous

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  1. I have recieved a few questions about malaga so to explain further her it is
    The brioche is soaked in a Malaga glace, a very traditional french rum raisin ice cream base. The raisins themselves come from Malaga and are of very high quality.
    The secret to simplicity is in the ingredients, buy the best and there is not much you have to do to them afterwords other than not screw it up.