Working on some aromas and how to incorporate them into dishes. Tried chesnuts and christmas spices but cinnamon took over everything. Herbs work well, now turning to spice blends to see how things will pan out. It's all trial and error, getting your temp right on the vaporizer is key. I tweeted Alex about aromas with nuts after his smoked hazelnuts but have had no luck with further tests. Just going to keep plugging, maybe a new utilization of our 2 compartment bowl from steelite. Next I think we will tackle BBQ aroma, something about the smell when you open the door to your smoker after 12 hours, need to capture that and give the same experience to our guests.


  1. Keep us informed w/ your findings! It would be nice to see someone finding some good and new applications for these things besides Cheech and Chongin'!

  2. Thats cool man, is that just a regular vaporizer? It would be cool to do something with this table side.

  3. It the Vaporizer Digit, same thng Grant uses to fill his aroma pillows at Alinea.

    I'm working on a dish with for our Dec 2nd dinner with some pork belly that is brined in beer. I am working on a combination hops, hay and wheat aroma to reinforce the belgian white ale that is the base of the brine. I wonder if a touch of dry yeast would work in the mix as well. The brine smells like I just baked a loaf of bread so that would make sense but will it actually smell good? I'll have to see.