Pick a Peck

It's not everyday you come back from a week off and there are 2 hotel pans full of all kinds of peppers waiting for you. Then I went into our mise en place cooler to find some already pickling. Those little purple peppers will put you down, but for the most part the others have good heat and not over the top.

What to do with a ridiculous amount of peppers but make rellenos. Rock shrimp rellenos, black bean risotto...

Can't go wrong with that. The meticulous peeling, de-seeding, and stuffing brings me back to Flagstaff,Az when I was working at a little mexican joint back in the day. Perfect bar food, now I need a cerveza.


  1. Brian Baxter8/13/2009 11:27 AM

    christmas in august!! you should have seen the speed rack of stuff they brought us

  2. awesome. i am going to have to say mexican food is one of my favorites, doing so much with so little. ruling.

  3. I had a british cook on a visa a while back, never had a taco or any mexican food before in his life and didn't want to. I don't know what the hell was wrong with him, how can anyone not want a taco? I want one right now after talking about it. He went back to England, but at least he was a good cook while he was here.

  4. thats depressing! a life without tacos is no life for me. dang, that guy just missed out on one amazing cuisine. theres a lady here in l.a. that does oaxacan blue corn quesadillas that would blow you. she just does it on this little plancha out on the street. squash blossom, huitlacoche, pollo, and chorizo. with red salsa or green, onions and nopales, and cotija cheese on the side. un-mothafuggin' real.

  5. hahah blow you away, not blow you. hahah