I have written briefly of menu testing and the rigors of hotel menu changing, here are some thoughts

Aaron is working some german influence on berkshire, creamed apple kraut, pumpernickel, braised red cabbage puree. I want to incorporate some beer, honey crisp apple slaw, and smoke.

four story hills beef with a surf supplement
popcorn sweetbreads, sunchoke 2 way, sorrel, royal trumpet
octopus, red wine braise, grilled, chickpea, spicy, dirty martini vin
kobe flank steak, chipotle, salsa verde
breakfast flatbread, quail eggs, country ham, parm
bacon wrapped corvina, heirloom beans, tasso, frisee
tuna, nicoise components, anchovy gribiche
brandt beef, baby brussels, mixed marble potatoes, celery
monkfish, stewed root vegetable, red pepper noodle
chilled salt block lobster, citrus, honey, clover
caramelized fennel jus finished with orange butter, as an option for our simply grilled fish sauce, I sense agar clarification
heritage poulet rouge, turnip, bitter greens

new product coming out of Hudson Valley Foie Gras called Lola, male mallard duck crossbred with female peking. The yeild is a 3lb bird supposedly with greater flavor. Sample will be in on Friday, I'll let you know. Limited production and only a few distributors carrying this bird as it has not yet hit mainstream production.

Lots of ideas floating around, especially with the addition of the gastrovac. Nothing but testings, tastings ,costings, and specs to come in my near future.

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  1. brian baxter8/28/2009 12:16 AM

    i was going to say this the other day but didn't know we were going to be using it..."We should cure our own Tasso...super easY!!!":