Still testing for the fall menu. This will be similar to but not the exact flavor profile we will be using but had some VIPs in so had to give them some of our sous vide octopus. Abondoned the red wine braise for sous vide. Why not, it's perfect every time.

After it cooled we removed the skin and suckers. Then a little olive oil, herbs, seasoning, and on the plancha. Stayed super tender, hit it up with the old ACG powder, heirloom tomatoes from chef garden, and some red ribbon sorrel.


  1. Greetings from Sydney Austrialia,

    Sounds delicious! Just a couple of questions:

    In the bag looks like bayleaf, thyme and is it garlic?

    What is ACG powder?

    Also how hot and how long did you cook it for? I've never tried octopus SV, but given it is usually tough it is probably a great idea.



  2. In the bag is 1 small fresh bay leaf, 1 sprig thyme, black peppercorn.
    No garlic.

    ACG is a classic Todd English combination that is used as a base saute when making pan sauces. The traditional way he does it is to just combine chopped garlic, capers, and anchovy, then caramelize it in the pan when starting a sauce. We take the same components and puree in a robot coupe then spread on a silpat and bake at low temp until it dries out completely, let it cool, then run it through the robot coupel again and you get a nice powder. We also use this method to make ceasar dressing, once you have the powder just add aioli, acid, and parm then you have ceasar dressing with depth.

    Hope everything is well in Sydney, thanks for reading the blog.