Finally got the go ahead for ICC. I didn't make it last year. I was in Pomona cooking for the Directors Dining Room, one month, no budget, only 2 chefs, doing 40 covers a night, new menu every night. I found myself shaving white truffles into my omelet for breakfast or pasta for lunch, sifting through my mini fridge in the hotel room loaded with shaved wagyu tenderloin, ox-heart tomatoes, fat tire, honeycomb and humboldt fog.

Bresse Chickens, brittany lobster, pouisson, live korean halibut, lupe de mer, rouget, maitake, st. pierre, toro, geoduck, monterrey abalone and scallops were regulars on the menu. It was a good experience and a chance to work with the best ingredients money could buy so I can't really complain.
Not this year. We are leaving the DDR to the california chefs, have fun, I'm going to NY. See you all there. I think Bar Boulud, Tailor, Eleven Madison Park, Saam Bar, Corton, and Del Posto would be a good start. I'm probably already behind on making some resos.


  1. See you guys there, I can't wait.

  2. Virginia strong at this starchefs....