Flavors of Merguez

Still playing around with the charcuterie. We are learning a lot every time we do these cured items from fat content, flavor profile, the morphing of the flavor form start to 2 or 3 or 8 months down the road. Even the process in itself, trying to make it more efficient each time. This is a semi-dry lamb sausage we stuffed the other day. We made a harissa paste, mixed it with the ground lamb, cure 1 and bactoferm frm-2.

We ferment for 2 days at 85F, 80% humidity for the bactoferm to drop the ph to 5.0.

Now we will hang for 18 days at 55-60F before it goes into cold storage. We cooked a piece off and it has the characteristic spicy merguez taste but not as oily. This may just be the result of the recipe being a little different from a normal merguez which is not intended for aging.
So after today this will go in the meat locker and we'll check back in a couple weeks to see where we're at.

Side note, flavors of merguez could be a pretty cool dish on it's own.

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