Fennel and Coccoa Rubbed Lonzino

This was a test run on a recipe we found on Grant Van Gameran's site. We took suckling pig loins, cured and rubbed them. Put them in a beef middle casing and hung in the meat locker. Being suckling loins they moisture loss happened fast. We just hung them on 6-24 and could have actually pulled them a week ago and would have been ready. They should be around 38% moisture loss and we were pushing 58% so not a lot of yield but a really nice flavor.

This was one of Baxter's best that he has produced. It's all trial and error, super salty, or not enough and you loose it to spoilage. There is a fine line. We are using some product to assist us like bactoferm and insta cures since the Florida environment isn't really the best place for Charcuterie. Another month left on our suckling pig prosciutto, can't wait.

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