It's that time of year again and our chanterais melons have come in from Charlie at Hammock Hollow Farms. The whole walk in smells like melons. They are similar to cantaloupe but far superior flavor. The executive sous chef of the hotel Arnaud Violtat reminded me that "they are so good because they are french" like him.

I replied by saying "of course they are french, they are only good for two weeks out of the year." It was all in good fun, I've worked for and been yelled at by enough french chefs I can get away with it, sometimes.

Here is last years chanterais plate of mint yogurt, procuitto, honeydew fluid gel, and compressed chanterais. This was also one of the first dishes where we used fluid gels on our menu.

We used them tuesday on our tasting with some dungeness crab, yuzu rice vinegar compressed heart of palm, and whipped coconut, micro shiso.

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  1. nice. i remember last years as well. two different styles. awesome.