Halibut a la gastrovac

We are trying to utilize our gastrovac more than we have been. We infused a bunch of hammock hollows tomatoes with j. leblanc olive oil, crushed garlic and opal basil in the gastrovac. Then we used the oil to poach the halibut and served it with the tomatoes. We cooked the halibut for 10 minutes at 54C and it came out great. It literally melts. Next time we are going to cure the halibut a little before low pressure poaching it, hopefully this will firm it up a bit so it will hold together better.

It gets a little challenging trying to time our courses on the tasting menu with the gastrovac. Some tables move faster than others and when you have multiple tables on different courses we have to time it just right so we can go straight from the gastrovac to the plate. With each cycle running for 10 minutes per table it's up to the FOH to control the flow so the halibut course from another table doesn't fire while we are in the middle running the cycle on another table. It takes a lot of communication and luck doesn't hurt. So far no issues, hopefully we can continue like this.

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  1. Chef, the fish looks gr8, how is it that you can fry using the gastrovac? I have just received my gastrovac after being away traveling as a private chef, i am looking forward to understanding how and what I can get results from.

    looking forward to hearing from you,
    Rob Borden