Beef and Mangalitsa togarashi dogs

It's gonna be a bbq/pool party at my house for memorial day. Lots of people and lots of food. I threw together some togarashi spiked hot dogs using some well marbled chuck, a mangalitsa picinc ham, and a bunch of mangalitsa fat. At least I'll be able to say I know exactly what's in my dogs. If you haven't made them before here is a quick how to. Grind the fat first,

grind the meat

emulsify in 3 steps, start with meat, ice and seasonings, process until 40F, add the fat and process until 45f, add the nonfat milk powder and process until 58F. emulsified!

supposed to use sheep casings for dogs but all we had was hog casings so looks like we are have extra large dogs for tomorrow. They are on paper towels forming a pelicle so they will smoke nicely tomorrow and be finished on the grill. I might take a little kohlrabi kimchi we have working to really take it up a notch.

have a safe memorial day.


  1. Chris What is your recipe for the Kohlrabi Kimchi I tried to make some with the greens a while back but didn't really care for it. The dogs look awesome.
    Take Care,

  2. Cody made the kohlrabi kimchi, he will post his recipe for you. I agree the leaves are pretty bitter in the end. We have some modifications to make. We took an existing recipe and tweek'd it a bit when the leaves weren't producing enough brine. Some slowly reduced OJ added prior to fermentation would have helped the bitterness. Other additions like carrot and cucumber could really assist in the flavor department as well but for a first time effort it was earthy and pungent. The bitterness was well balanced when combined with the fat in the dogs. On it's own I could see where it would be over powering. The mangalitsa fat is like none other when it comes to pork fat. it has so much flavor and really feels a lot lighter when you eat it.

  3. Tucker,
    We threw it together on a whim but we approximately went with:
    1 qt water
    1 medium knob ginger, peeled
    1.5 T kosher salt
    1 T togarashi or shimchi
    1 oz fish sauce
    4 oz rice wine vinegar

    Mixed everything then we did the leaves separate from the stems and bulbs. Filled glass jars 3/4 of the way up with veggies and then 1/2 way with the liquid, compact well and then cover tightly. Two days at room temp for the leaves and 4 days for bulbs then about two weeks in the fridge. We needed to add a touch of water to the jars with leaves as they didn't give off much moisture. As Chef Windus said, needs some work but for shaking up a traditional technique its promising.